Who Are We

Manna is a trusted marketplace for Healthcare Providers and Vendors. We are your go-to- source for access to healthcare's finest facilities and providers. We provide guidance as you are connected with case managers, discharge planners and service providers. We pride ourselves on showing you how to expand your online presence and help you collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

Why We Stand Out

Manna is all about building relationships. We help you to build strong connections and give you a platform to showcase your organization and increase your visibility. Need help in getting noticed by Hospitals’ and other healthcare organization’s discharge planners? We can assist potential clients and collaborators to find your services more easily.

What It All Means

This industry has changed, and it will continue to change for the foreseeable future. Claim your listing and become a part of our growing community. Make a difference. Share your educational articles on our Blog Page, post an Event or Job opportunity today. Together, we can face all the problems that are preventing our industry from achieving ultimate growth.

Our Mission

Manna’s mission is to connect Case Managers and Discharge Planners to local Healthcare providers and vendors in their clients or patient’s community. Manna provides tools and resources that allow the Case Manager to customize care for their clients or patient’s individualized needs. These tools and resources de-stress, simplify and quicken the discharge planning process. Our website provides all that is needed to complete the discharge process. Manna provides a platform that closes communication gaps, facilitates networking, uncovers local resources and fosters community relationships, whereby we are helping serve our clients, patients, families, communities, and ultimately one another in a more proficient way.

How Manna Works

Search Health Care Providers and Vendors

Use our website to search health care providers and vendors by needed service, location or by specific insurance carrier. It is easy to search and create a personalized list, to give to your clients to choose from. You will also have quick access to resources and services in your client’s communities.

Contact Health Care Providers and Vendors

Once you find a healthcare providers or vendors that satisfies your needs, contact them to get more information by using our innovative communication system embedded on our provider’s page. The Contact Now tab will allow you to send a message directly to the company’s representative or admissions department. The Private Line Chat tab will allow “instant messaging” access to the company’s representative or admission rep. In addition, the company’s contact information is available, cutting out the need for futile, time robbing internet searches. Our members are happy to hear from you!

Stay Connected Through the Acceptance Process

Staying connected throughout the acceptance and discharge process is crucial. Manna will help you stay connected and updated throughout the admission and discharge process by using the “Private Line Chat”. Instantly send and receive updates, request additional information, made aware of insurance approvals and when the MOT is available. Manna will help you every step of the way