Frequently Asked Questions

We are an information hub that is specifically geared to the interest of the discharge planners. We connect Case Managers, Social Workers and Discharge Planners with Health Care Providers and Vendors. Manna provide a bridge to close the communication gap. Manna’s website is a direct source of information that can be used by CM, SW and discharge planners to give to clients, their caregivers and love ones. We offer a great platform for networking, event listings, professional services, credentialing information, jobs, and career opportunities.

These are just a few tools that we use to fulfill our obligation and provide a positive and useful user experience. Manna is committed to engaging our users with a website that they will want to return to on a regular basis for their discharge needs.

Our goal is to add valuable time saving tools, and resources that will aide in mainstreaming, de-stressing and simplifying the discharge process.

Yes, we are a directory that feature many types of health-related services. We are mainly used to help discharge planners in all types of health-related facilities and settings such LTAC, SNF, Hospice, Acute Rehab and Hospitals. They use our site to provide patients choices that are ordered or suggested by their doctor or by the healthcare team to safely discharge from their present level of care to the next level of care. Either it be to a SNF, LTAC, Acute Rehab, Personal care home, Assisted living or Home with Home Health care services. Our website also provides quick access to ancillary services such as medical supplies, DME, medical transportation, pharmacies that are used to set up home IV Therapy, PT/OT services and outpatient dialysis care.

Some of our members are DME, Ambulance and Funeral service companies, dialysis centers, personal care homes , psychiatric centers and services, pharmacies, hospice, LTAC, SNF Nursing Homes, assistance/ independent living homes and Home Health Care’s just to name a few.

Our customers say that they appreciate the platform that we provide. They say that we help them get noticed by one of their largest lead generators, the CM, SW and the Discharge Planners. The platform helps them get noticed when they would not otherwise be known to exists. Others say that it has brought their company to the forefront were they once were overlooked or not even seen at all.
We have many organization and business that use our platform to connect with CM, SW and Discharge Planners to increase admission rate and visibility

The feedback that we have gotten back from our SW, CM and Discharge planners has been positive. They say that it has cut down the time used to formulate a choice list for clients to choose from. They really appreciate the ability to search our local data base by the patient specific needs and their insurance provider. They love that they do not have to leave our page to search government agencies or the web (There is an available search engine on our site). They have expressed the excitement of the potential growth of our service as our resources grow.
Many stated that they love having their own special page/dashboard where they can store personal notes and resources and frequently used providers right on their page. They also add that they like that the site is a secure site, has job opportunities and notifications of local events.

• Extremely low advertising prices
• Highly effective marketing tool
• Connect directly with prospective clients with our private chat feature
• Increase visibility, customize your profile, add pictures and brochures
• Provide a direct connection to discharge planners to promote and provide excellent customer service, ensured that updates are quickly conveyed, such as expectable insurances, ability to added new services or change representative contacts information quickly
• Added benefits, free job listing, events notification, blogs
• Free leads
• Free newsletter on marketing, networking grow a business and deal closing techniques
• Free or Discounts to Manna Vendor Venture healthcare events and seminars

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